February 27, 2020

At the February 19, 2020 Town Hall Meeting, the project team discussed the overall project schedule and impacts, as well as pedestrian access routes for Science Hill buildings, including the Center for Science and Social Science Information. A summary of information presented is below.

Download a PDF of the meeting presentation (contains maps and images)

February 19, 2020: Kline Tower Project Town Hall Meeting Summary:

Overall Project Schedule and Impact:

  • Start construction mobilization on Monday, March 9, 2020.
  • Substantial completion planned for Summer 2022.
  • Noise and vibration impacts will be monitored throughout construction, and minimized as much as possible.

Three-Month Look Ahead:

  • CSSSI book drop relocation prior to 3/9 (see CSSSI below).
  • Construction mobilization, and erection of perimeter fencing.
  • Set up temporary electric power on south side of Kline Tower.
  • Commence interior Kline Tower demolition, including demolition and removal of basement mechanical room equipment.
  • Erect material hoist starting in May, following exams.
  • Closure of CSSSI 24-hour study space in May, following exams (see CSSSI below).

Pedestrian Access to Science Hill:

See Maps & Plans for a map of pedestrian access routes.

Due to construction at Sachem’s Wood and Kline Tower, access to Science Hill from central campus will be limited:

  • YSB and Marsh Lecture Hall: Accessible via temporary pedestrian walkway to the west of Environmental Science Center.
  • SCL, SPL, Bass, and Pavilion: Accessible via Prospect Street, with pedestrian access to Science Hill via Gibbs Walk (Gibbs Walk will be partially closed due to construction fencing).
  • YSB, Marsh Lecture Hall, and buildings north: Accessible via Whitney Avenue, with pedestrian access to Science Hill north of Kline Geology Lab.
  • The concourse level of Kline Tower will be closed (with the exception of CSSSI).

The Center for Science and Social Science Information:

  • Starting March 9, 2020, access to CSSSI will be through the Pavilion, using the stairs or elevator to travel to the concourse level. The center can also be accessed using the Marsh Lecture Hall entrance at Yale Science Building.
  • Prior to March 9, 2020, the CSSSI book drop will be relocated to Kline Tower Plaza outside the Pavilion. See Maps & Plans for a map of new book drop location(s).
  • Starting in May, following exams, the 24-hour study space at CSSSI will be closed, and remain closed through Summer 2022.

Project Contact and Information:

Science Hill Projects Website:

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Construction Project Manager:

              Shellie Anello

              Yale University Office of Facilities

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