Project site plan showing phasing of completion: Western Sachem's Wood will be completed in mid-May 2020 and Central and Eastern Sachem's Wood will be completed summer 2020
Digital rendering showing an overall aerial perspective of the new Sachem's Wood landscape.
Recent photo of the existing conditions at Sachem's Wood.
Digital rendering showing the new Sachem's Wood landscape as viewed from Hillhouse Avenue.
Sachem’s Wood Landscape Project:

Redesign to the main gateway to Science Hill to improve access and experience.

Construction Schedule:

July 2019 - End of Summer 2020 (see project phasing graphic below)

  • Sachem’s Wood will be closed, including all pedestrain access through Sachem’s Wood to Science Hill; ESC and YSB Marsh Lecture Hall will be accessible via a temporary access route behind ESC, or using Whitney Avenue.
  • Science Hill buildings will be accessible from Prospect Street and Whitney Avenue.  
  • Disruptions include noise, dust, and construction vehicles accessing site via Sachem Street.